sink or swim…

you know those dreams where you’re sliding down a hill and just trying to claw your way back to the top. . .that’s me today. my brain is halfway between here and texas, I think I left it in row 25, seat A. . .looking out the window as I soared over clouds and green pastures. I don’t believe I’m making mountains out of molehills here, I believe I’m seriously buried in ad requests. Not that I would expect any less, honestly. I think I just realized now, more than ever, how much I’m going to enjoy having an assistant. Between getting myself moving this morning in the office, sorting, replying, logging in, listing. . .and fielding questions because of my other responsibilities, my head is swimming. I finally stopped to grab a bite to eat and step back from my desk to really assess all that needs doing today. To prioritize what I have in front of me and what else is expected of me. I never thought this would be easy, in fact maybe my job’s just been easy for too long. . .one track mind, singular focus. . .which now has to shift to multitasking in different timezones with different systems and, sigh, yeah, spinning again. I’ve always been one to handle it all, take it all in stride and surge through regardless. . .but now, I’m seeing that I need to increase my squeaking so that this wheel gets oiled, asap.

Light at the end of this tunnel is a 3-day weekend. . .and two baseball games this week:).




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