flying solo…olé

I’m a lot better this morning, sleep-wise after being exhausted about halfway through yesterday. I consumed more caffeine than I have in some time. . .and more delicious tex-mex:). Living in Texas would be dangerous for me. I’ve got a huge weakness for all things mexican food related. Something about the flavor combinations, the beans, the cumin, the cilantro, the cheese. Let’s not forget the chips and salsa. Yeah, my waistline would be in a world of trouble, or I’d be spending every last waking minute in the gym trying to burn it off. What can I say, I LOVE food. Good food. Tasty food. 

Today and tomorrow morning I’m flying solo. The training wheels are off, time to shine, or at least glimmer a little bit, in the dropping of knowledge. It’s a little like installing new programs on a computer. You load them, restart the machine, and hope it takes. . .hope there are no glitches or bugs. . .hope you didn’t accidentally infect your machine with a virus. It’s a delicate process that has to be done with the grace of an elephant. . .It’s been interesting thus far. I’ll be diving into some pretty heady stuff today, hoping to not see the same bloodshot, “what have I gotten myself into” look in his eyes as I go over some of the less glamorous, but incredibly essential, parts of the job. I realize that a lot of this isn’t going to sink in until he does it, but he needs to realize that, while we’re a phone call away, he needs to try to wrap his head around it now, ask questions now, take notes now. I remember when I was left at my job by the folks in Atlanta. I felt like a deer in headlights about to be hit by a Mack truck. And I came from within the company. I can’t imagine how this all must look to someone who’s from the outside. 

Patience, sweet patience, and the grace to explain it all and actually make sense. This is what I will focus on today. Grace, patience, clarity. I’m in a leadership role now, it’s time for me to own it.



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