It’s a dog’s world…

Two years ago today, my husband and I drove down to PetSmart to check out a 6 month old St. Bernard/Hound mix that I was curious about. Not at all planning to come home with an animal that size or any animal at all for that matter, we oohed and ahhed over this large, awkwardly adorable animal. I had wanted a dog for some time and we were feeling more or less ready for this next stage of adult responsibility. A puppy wasn’t exactly in our experience range. .. I was wanting something a little more broken in, a little more user friendly, if you will. We happened upon a (supposed) 2 year old mutt with some beagle mixed in with god knows what else. He seemed happy to see us, willing to let us take him for a walk outside to get to know each other a little better. . .or, rather, willing to walk us outside. The foster family was there, asked us questions, we asked questions in return. . .and 2.5 hours later, Gilbert came into our lives, hopped in our car and rode home with us. He didn’t stay Gilbert very long (really, gilbert. . .not a good dog name). A few seconds down the road, he was rechristened Miller, after the beer.

He is my fantastically loyal four-legged furchild and I can’t imagine my life without him. I’m going to miss him terribly this week as I’m out of town in Houston for work. . .His personality has developed so much over the last two years. It’s amazing how much he can tell you with the look of his eyes, the expression of his brow.. .happy adoptiversary my pooper. . .may you have many more ahead of you.


2 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s world…

  1. What Liz Said – It’s so very true. I think they have some sort of 6th sense about who they should be with, especially when they come from a rescue and have probably been through some tough times.

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