Feeling strangely fine…

I’m kind of floating through this week, half here, half not. My mind wanders a lot lately, sometimes into corners where it can’t find its way back out. Daydreaming about to do lists and my upcoming travels to Houston and how on earth I’m going to handle explaining how to do my job to someone in two and a half days. . .I feel pretty good about the whole situation, honestly, I just really need to not overthink this whole thing. I was told by a former colleague to think of it not as training/teaching but more of talking about something that you’re passionate about, talking about how you do what you do. . .it’s just a matter of translating it all to fit their particular situation, passing along the knowledge that while there are clear definitions for each and every action, there are always situations in which you’ll need to be flexible, adapt and change. I’ll be honest, I’m one of the best at what I do. I’m efficient, passionate, organized (in my own way of course) and have great attention to detail. . .I often assume that the rest of my department functions as I do, which I know is far from the truth. I need to remember that I didn’t get to this point overnight. That the best way to learn how to do what it is that I do is by doing it. (wow, rambly awkward sounding sentence).

Am I really old enough, qualified enough, experienced enough to do this and do it well? I swear, in my head, I’m still in my 20’s, fumbling awkwardly through life, looking for something/someone to cling to. . .even though I know I’ve got it all under control and have everything I could possibly want right now. It’s a strange and interesting time of reflection, introspection and realization. When I look in the mirror, I really like what I see, inside and out, and I know how much work it has taken to get here. . .do we ever grow beyond our youth, mentally, with regards to self perception? 



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