time heals all wounds, but will it cure a hangover?

yeah. so I’m definitely not 23 anymore. not in the least.

managed to enjoy myself a little too much last night (yes, on a tuesday) and I’m now going through delayed hangover phase. . .headache and dehydration. I’m hoping that lunch and water will ease my pain. I’m not in the worst shape I’ve ever been, far from it, I’m  just a little off. . .which is not good on a Wednesday afternoon when you’ve got a lot on your to do list and have barely scratched the surface of some deeper, more involved projects. now, of course, if this were the 23-year old, footloose and fancy free me, I’d just go home, or come in late to work, or not have come in at all. That would be a key difference between now and then, a highly evolved sense of responsibility. . .a sense that apparently lapses when I’m happy and wanting to have a few beers while watching the baseball game.

one of these days I’ll learn.


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