pocket full of sunshine

It seems that once every five years or so I crave pop music. I get lost in the bubblegum happy nature of poppy hip-hop or ballads mass marketed to people much younger than myself. Makes me feel young again. I can take myself back to cool late spring mornings, walking out to my car with one song or another stuck in my head, floating through the pollen-laden air, feeling footloose and fancy free, smitten with one guy or another. I suppose I can blame some of this on my addiction to watching The Hills on MTV. . .kind of has me walking around giving my own life a soundtrack, complete with a little window that pops up over me listing track name and artist. Something about the springtime gets me this way. . .blissfully giddy and falling in love with my husband all over again. I’m no longer 23 years old, trapsing around in my brand new denim dress from the Gap that I coveted so much, waking up in my blue and yellow-orange accented bedroom in my first adult apartment. . .but I can take myself back there. I can smell the air and see the colors before my eyes. I can remember the feeling that everything was new and the world offered so much to be explored and discovered. I find myself journeying there nearly every day as of late. My happy place. . .where everything was shiny and new. I suppose there are still new things to learn and to discover, I don’t need to lose myself in my past in order to feel this way, just take the positive parts and experiences (because believe me, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses) and move forward.

Spring=renewal. rejuvination. return to innocence.



2 thoughts on “pocket full of sunshine

  1. boredom brings great things!

    i have a rare moment at home husband-less & without any pressing tasks, so i opted to browse the internet i generally block out as soon as i leave work. i found your blog via anna’s. i would say i’m shocked at how well written this is, but good visual art generally goes hand in hand with being able to craft great observations into prose… and i already knew that your graphic designs were stunning.

    hope everything is well in houston. ed sent me the list of sites you listed in your artist’s block & am going to get to those as soon as i finish this ridiculously long comment.

    anyhow, i really like this particular blog. i’m the same way, my mood and tastes are seasonal and each new weather changes makes me feel new & simultaneously floods the senses with memories. currently, i’m feeling the pop and dipping into some hipster crud i’d normally find shallow, but right now my current pop anthem was just featured on the hills last week… ah, media culture.

    ok, ending comment now 🙂 hope you have fun at dinner tonight in houston! i presented for the first time today at sales training & was beyond nervous beforehand, but i’m glad i did it… i think it went well. you’ll have to ask brad for an honest opinion.

    here’s the link to the aforementioned tune that’s on repeat in my brain lately:

  2. I’ve been writing almost all of my life. . .it’s something I’ve always thought I do better than design, honestly:). I’m much better in words than in images, hence my focus on typography in college. Glad you stumbled upon my little piece of the world. Marc says reading my blog is like looking into the inner workings of my brain. You’re always welcome to come inside:)

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