the week ends, the week begins…

it’s monday, again. I find myself wondering where the heck the last two days went, in spite of the fact that I didn’t do anything of major consequence over the weekend. I did learn that running a 5K with someone you love, but who doesn’t love running as much as you do, is not always easy. It made me realize how much my fitness and endurance level has increased and how if you don’t run on a regular basis, distance is relative. My husband and I ran for the third consecutive year in Cassidy & Pinkard Collier’s Race for Hope, a 5K to raise money for brain tumor research. This is a cause near and dear to his family as he lost his dad to a Brain Tumor a year before we met. The weather was actually warm for the first time. . .pleasant and sunny with a bit of a headwind as you headed back down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the finish line. It’s a fantastically flat course taking you from down by the White House, up in front of the Capitol and back. Running in DC is something I find particularly rewarding. Great scenery, lots to see, and running in the middle of a road like Pennsylvania Ave. is lots of fun to me. We finished, together, in 35:58, me slowing my pace for him, taking walks when he needed to. . .the most important thing for me when I’m running a race is to get across the finish line, no matter what. We treated ourselves to a delicious steak and egg breakfast afterwords. . .nothing like a plate full of protein to restore your energy:).

The weekend culminated with the realization that I need to learn how to better communicate with my husband. . .to be, as he puts it, a nicer person. Apparently I have an edge to my words, to my voice, and at times I don’t realize that I’m being an ass. He takes things very personally, things that I’m not realizing come across as hurtful or attacking, and when he gets upset, it takes him a while to move on from it. . .making us both miserable. I’m the kind of person who explodes with anger, getting it all out in one burst of loud energy, and then I’m good. I’m over it. I need to learn to temper my temper, to think before I speak, before I act. . .to not take things personally and then turn around and find a way to be hurtful and inconsiderate. I need to learn to be a nicer person. We’ve gotten along in our relationship for five years, no need to start having things fall apart now. . .especially not when we’re moving toward the next stage of our lives. In turn, he needs to learn to communicate things better to me. To not take things so personally and to realize that while we both need to make adjustments, we’re probably both going to more or less retain the personality flaws that we’ve already got. Ah, marriage. . .it’s definitely a job at times.





3 thoughts on “the week ends, the week begins…

  1. I heard once that women look through the lenses of life with Love and men look through the lenses of Respect and once I finally, actually, learned that, my relationships have certainly shaped up.

    I used to make jabs and sarcastic remarks just to get a laugh in…but then I realized that it was breaking down the men in my life and once I started speaking with a little more respect, I started to get a whole lot more love thrown my way. 🙂

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