i got my mojo workin’


i got my mojo workin’, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

Feelin’ pretty good this Friday morning, in spite of the fact that I’m exhausted. . .but in a good way. Went to the Nationals/Pirates game last night, procured my fabulous Dmitri Young bobblehead, watched my team win their 4th straight game. We’ll get to .500 yet!

Some weeks feel longer than others, and this one felt particularly long after Monday. I’m amazed that I survived this one, work being what it has been. Just a few loose ends to tie up today and I should be looking at some smoother sailing for a few days. . .until the wheels start turning again. Right now I’m doing the job of two people. To some, I’ve probably always been doing the job of two people, but with my recent promotion, it really feels like it. Hard to figure out what priorities to place in which order in order to keep everyone appeased. I learned that it may be a few months before they get me an assistant which will keep me more than occupied for a while. . .just got to keep myself healthy, active, functioning, aware and running on all cylinders. By the time my vacation rolls around in August I’m going to have earned the week off. . .and then some.

TGIF, in the meantime.


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