a queen everyday

I feel like I’m just coming out of this fog that I’ve been existing in this week here at the office. It’s been go, go go, all on, all the time, full steam ahead up until today. . .and now, I can breathe, let the creative juices flow, and focus on my next agenda item, preparing for my trip to Houston in a few weeks. 

Last night on my way home I stopped by The Majestic in Old Town for a glass (or two) of wine. I had the pleasure and honor of sipping with a woman who had just completed her last day of full-time work. She was sporting a small tiara that said queen in sparkly rhinestones an enjoying a glass of chardonnay. 42.7 years as a surgical assistant, day in day out, and yesterday was her last day. When I asked this woman if she was queen for the day, she shot me a look as if to say “you better ask that question again”, so I restated, saying that she was queen every day. . .this seemed to make her happy. She said the whole idea of not having to get up in the morning and go to work hadn’t set in yet, and probably wouldn’t until the next day. She was looking forward to her upcoming part-time work as an event coordinator at a hall that does wedding receptions, reunions, etc. . .something she’s got a passion for and apparently was already doing in her spare time. I’m always fascinated by the folks I meet when I go out by myself. Never one to shy away from making a comment to or asking a question of a total stranger, I learn all sorts of things by exposing myself to the voices and stories of those who have been around longer than I have. It was exciting to feel this woman’s energy as she enters the next chapter of her life, ready to turn the page but not yet put the book down. I suppose that’s all any of us can really ask, the opportunity at the end of our days working for the man to do something we truly enjoy, truly have passion for, and do it on our own terms. Some folks get to do this for a living throughout their adult lives, others of us choose to indulge our passions yet not reap financial rewards. The key is to find a way to marry the two, I suppose. Find joy in what you do every day. Live life to its fullest. Stop to smell the roses, watch the clouds, smile at a puppy. . .and to live as a queen, every day.


2 thoughts on “a queen everyday

  1. I’ve been found out! hope you don’t think it’s creepy…


    I found you through Marc’s blog–and I really like youe writing. Too bad I didn’t get to know you while you were in Atlanta.

    And congrats again on the promotion. That’s exciting! And just remember: we are complete people outside of this crazy crazy company! 😉

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