the longest mile…

The link between the body and the mind is an interesting one. The conversations my mind has with my body while running are something like a cross between an auction and an argument. .. ‘can we just go a little longer, just to that next curb, next sign, oh just run to two miles. . .I don’t see why you’re even thinking about stopping. . .haven’t you already run two races, both of them longer, this year without walking. . .’

Yeah, the internal dialogue between my brain and my legs is fascinating. I often think that this is what keeps me going, mile after mile, race after race, all the way to the finish line.

This morning I arose quite early (6:15) to head down to Old Town Alexandria to participate in the GW Parkway Classic (the 5K, not the 10 miler. . .I’m not anywhere close to wanting to do that to my body just yet). Race started at 8am. I crossed the finish line at 8:31. By my chrono, I finished in 30:56, setting a new personal record and recording my fastest mile time to date, 10:01 (mile1). I think I’ve earned that hot dog I’ll be eating later this afternoon at Nationals Park, don’t you:).


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