mayo, with a side of bacon, turkey and wheat

lordy. I’m in a bit of a food coma at present, and there’s still a fair amount to get done in the next two hours. 

I had a turkey club on wheat from this tiny roadside market not too far from my office. . .it was a whole lotta mayo, some turkey, some bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted wheat. So now, my brain is just kind of floating around in this mayo haze. . .a greasy, eggy haze. this is a rather unfortunate situation. I don’t think listening to Jack Johnson, as I am now, is going to help this situation either. . .a little to mellow, laid back, beachy-feeling for my condiment haze. Note to self, while a small, hole in the wall deli may sound like a good idea, be wary of how you’ll feel afterwords. My body’s not quite used to all of this goo floating around inside of it. 



One thought on “mayo, with a side of bacon, turkey and wheat

  1. Sounds like a great sandwich! But too much mayo can ruin a good sandwich. I do think I’d use mayo on that one, but it would also be great with butter. (Butter is a woefully underutilized sandwich condiment.)

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