I is for inspiration

the act of breathing in. the opposite of exhaling. 

the act of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence on the intellect or emotions (in the case of art, a combination of the two, in my opinion)

There is an I in inspiration. . .hell, there are three Is in inspiration. . .which means that I should thrice over be able to inspire myself. to breathe in. to collect air, thus exercising a stimulating influence on the intellect. Interestingly enough, reading these two definitions together causes me to realize why I enjoy running so. . .in inspiring while running, I inspire myself. . .stimulate my intellect and emotions . . .acheive that runner’s high. I feel the need to inspire right now, but not myself. I have the task of inspiring others in mind. Conveniently, I have a race coming up this weekend, during which I will inspire . . .perhaps to inspire someone else later in the day (or the next morning). This also clarifies why I find yoga so wonderful. . .it’s the focus on the breath, on the body, that clears out the mind, makes room for other thoughts and ideas to come in, set up shop, test out the waters. . .

The english language is a beautiful thing, n’est-ce pas?


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