who you callin’ nacho, nacho?

It’s no secret that I have a weakness for the chips and cheese. Nachos are my snack of choice. Any  given weekend will find me whipping up a plate of tortilla chips, smothered in pepperjack and salsa and whatever else I may have on hand (bring on the black beans!). I am fortunate to have two fantastic locations near my  house for nacho dining. Hard Times Cafe (the original location) and Southside 815. This is what I chose as my celebratory meal for my promotion. Not some extravagant steak dinner, or five-course gourmet meal. Nachos. Chili Nachos from Hard Times to be exact. Nachos and beer, as one of my former roomates would say. I could eat nachos every day if I didn’t think I’d weigh a million pounds as a result. Hard Times does this thing with their jalepenos, they finely mince them and sprinkle them on the pile of chips, cheese, chili, tomatoes and onions. I always ask for beans on mine. Goes back to one of my favorite places for nachos in Atlanta, The Euclid Avenue Yacht Club in little five points. They had excellent black bean nachos that always went well with an ice cold bottle of Rolling Rock. Southside’s nachos are of equal gooey goodness but an entirely different experience altogether. First off, during happy hour, they offer mini-nacho plates for $1.50. What a great way to get my nacho on without feeling like a pig. Secondly, their nachos are topped with your choice of shredded barbecued pork or jalepeño honey pulled chicken then topped with cheese, pico de gallo and a healthy dollop of sour cream. Just typing about these makes me wonder if I chose wisely last night.

Perhaps I’m romanticizing my nacho memories. . .embellishing in my brain how large the pile would be or how perfectly the cheese would be melted. . .how there would always be a few crunch, rather than soggy, chips at the bottom of the pile and the toppings would be evenly distributed from layer to layer. It’s official, I’m nacho obsessed. Unfortunately, as I indulged in nacho-y goodness last night, I’ll be inclined to forgo any sort of nacho-like adventures this evening at the ballpark.  


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