If you think the princess does kiss the frog, turn to page 200.

One week ago today, I had my phone interview for an open departmental position, a promotion, a chance to learn more, do more, expand my horizons without leaving the safety net I’ve built around me. I had my doubts as to how that interview went. In fact, I had been psyching myself up for impending doom, gloom and rejection. Thinking that it wasn’t meant to be. 

Looks like I was planning for the wrong outcome. Got the call about two hours ago. I got the job:). Looks like I’ve got a lot on my plate in the very near future. Definitely going to be a much busier venture than I’m used to, but that may be a blessing.

For now, I just want to reflect, absorb, and figure out who else I can say anything to before it’s officially announced tomorrow. I’ve never been perfect at keeping my mouth shut when I’m excited, but I know that I need to keep this under wraps at least as far as those who I work with, remotely. Knowing that I need to be very cautious as to how I put this sort of information out into the ether of bits and bytes.

I’m still so very very much in shock. I honestly thought I’d blown it. I suppose a little self doubt can be healthy. 


5 thoughts on “If you think the princess does kiss the frog, turn to page 200.

  1. You deserve this. Personally, I doubt there was much you could have said to blow it in the interview, but I guess you never know. But now comes the hard part…taking all that gets dumped on your plate, which INCLUDES your already demanding book/market. I’d like to hear how they reacted to your promotion. I know you can handle it. Scratch that. I know you’ll shine.

  2. marc – Apparently one of my toughest competitors interviewed better than I did. My tenure and experience within the company is what gave me the edge. The market reacted very positively and is looking forward to having an additional artist. Me, my head is swimming with all that needs to be done now and in the near future, but I’ll get used to the chaos. It’s a welcome change.

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