what is it they say about rainy days and mondays

cliché, cliché, cliché…I know. I’m definitely feeling the wear and tear of the weekend.

Something else is going on with my body though. It feels alive, awake, craving…more than I’ve craved in a while. Not craving food or drink. Craving human contact, touch, skin. May be too much information to put out into the ether, but I’m putting it out there none the less. Anyone else get the itch when it rains? Something about the grey, damp skies is making me want to stay in bed, but not to sleep. Electricity in the air? Instability in the atmosphere? Desire to have my body match that intensity? Odd. Very odd. What’s going on with me? Took a brief respite from my desk to grab a hot fudge sundae from McDonalds thinking that chocolate would take care of some chemical imbalance I’m feeling today, but it’s not doing any good. 


One thought on “what is it they say about rainy days and mondays

  1. I think your only mistake was in going to McDonald’s and thinking you’d come out with something resembling chocolate. 🙂 (And now I’m craving chocolate. Thanks. :-P)
    It actually did the trick. . .it was cool, creamy and a little bit chocolatey.

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