huevos rancheros es muy bueno

It was a good way to end the day. lots of protein and cheese and salsa. Breakfast nachos, if you will. I would totally make this again, perhaps subbing black beans for the pinto, or seeking out a can of refried black beans and using that as the spread on the tortillas. Hmmm. . .this could potentially mean another trip to the supermercado, where in spite of the fact that I felt somewhat out of my element, stranger in a strange land, I was intrigued by the products. . .felt comfortable with the offerings. . .and could so spend some money there, without actually spending too much. I really do need to further investigate the various ethnic markets in my area. Often times they offer produce and meats at a better value and they have products I can’t get in the regular supermarket, like several varieties of queso freso, my favorite brand of canned salsa verde (which my regular grocery stopped carrying), tiny bananas:). And an entire market full of people who aren’t speaking English. How to leave home without a passport, I suppose. I’d probably benefit from going with someone who could better read all of the labels and signage. . .my four years of french and ten weeks of italian can only get me so far in an Hispanic market. Romance languages have certain similarities, but sometimes things get lost in translation (into french, into italian, into English). 



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