April Showers bring Flood Warnings…

After such a beautiful, sunny, productive (muscle ache inducing) Saturday, it was only fitting to have Sunday be a total washout. Made for a perfect excuse to relax, catch up on some movies and watch the Nationals lose, again. I chose yesterday to run my usual weekend grocery trip, which worked out nicely. . .raindrops equals fewer people out an about equals much more efficient shopping trip. I can deal with rain if it’s not cold. Spring rains are pleasant, necessary things. . .making the lawns green, making the flowers grow. I’m really glad that I didn’t get around to putting the dirt in the beds on Saturday, it would’ve all washed away. I’m realizing that I’m going to have to do something to the bottoms of those boxes. Rocks? Use some of the bricks that were removed from our patio last year? Sand? Plastic? Combination of all of the above? The rain is supposed to continue through today and possibly some tomorrow, at least according to the folks at Capital Weather. It’s fitting for a Monday and will probably make for a more productive day, believe it or now. No beautiful blue skies to distract me out my window.

In other personal developments…sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning I developed a schoolgirl crush on Ryan Zimmerman, 3rd baseman for the Washington Nationals. I believe something happened in a dream I had overnight that may or may not have involved a make out session. Odd. Dude, he’s 24. It made me wake up with a smile on my face and had me feeling giddy all day. And then we watched the game where he continued on his hitting slump and committed an error. Didn’t make him any less dreamy for me. Weird. Who’d have thought that a baseball player would do it for me? 


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