digging in the dirt

just finished spending countless hours outside building a new raised bed beside the house and doing general landscaping maintenance. I’m going to be a hurtin’ puppy tomorrow. Good thing it’s supposed to be all drizzly and grey, it will be perfect for sitting on the couch, burning through a backlog of movies, and not moving a muscle.  I’d been out of town here and there in the previous weekends and this was really the first opportunity I’ve had to work on the yard, to get it presentable. Kind of embarassing when some of your neighbors are a bit more manicured than you are. So two 2′ x 8′ beds are now beside my house, waiting to be filled with a delightful soil mixture and then vegetables. I’m a bit behind this year, but I think I can manage to squeeze in some yard time after work on occasion this week. I’ll just have to make it a priority. Now for a shower. I’m beyond dirty, under my nails, between my toes. . .it will feel good to be clean.


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