running on empty

what is particularly troublesome about the title of today’s post is that I will now have the Jackson Browne song of the same name stuck in my head for the next few hours. (In fact, I just had to go to the iTunes store and buy the damn song) I’m sure at some point some other earworm will work it’s magic, but for now, it’s Jackson Browne. 

I’m totally drained from the events of yesterday afternoon and evening. It started off innocent enough, leaving work early, getting a leg up on the weekend yard work, firing up the lawnmower for the first time this season. . .opening up the house, airing it out. It was a beautiful day, weather-wise. The kind of day that made suffering through all of the greyness of early last week worth it. Upper 70’s, blue sky, leaves beginning to show their early spring green, bright and cheery. I had the screen door open in our back room, one of my favorite spots to enjoy the weather. Miller’s got a cushion back there to lay on as well. Over the winter, he’d really taken to laying back there when I was back there, looking out at nature. We often joked that he was “watching his stories”. He can be distracted by nature for hours. Sometimes neighborhood cats wander through our yard. Animal nature being what it is, dogs don’t like cats, and Miller is no exception. So Miller’s chilling on the cushion in front of the screen door (it’s a retractable screen, not a full sliding screen) when a cat enters the back yard. At this point, I was in the kitchen, out of sight of the back room. I went back there to check on him just as the cat appears. He gets up, jumps onto the screen which proceeds to spring open, and runs outside. Keep in mind our backyard is not completely fenced in. Miller’s part beagle part who knows what, he’s a fast little bugger, quite the runner. I go dashing out after him, screaming his name frantically, he runs through the bamboo forest behind our house, into the alley behind that and ends up, as I would find out, behind the house behind ours which had recently had a fire. He’s barking at the cat which has at this point scrambled on top of some ledge. I ran out, around the front of the house, down the alley until I found the dog. What separated us at this point was a rusty chain link fence, about waist high. I’m wearing flip flops, track pants and a tank top. I try like hell to get over this fence, but keep getting the crotch of my pants stuck (which eventually rips). . .still can’t get over the fence. My husband, at this point, has run out as well. In flip flops and workout shorts. After me and the dog. Apparently one of our odd neighbors thought I was running away from him screaming “killer” instead of Miller. So crazy neighbor yells at husband “don’t you hurt her”. .. yeah, this all got a little nutty . . .in the end, the husband got the dog, who put up little resistance once picked up, although I’m thinking he’d much rather have gotten the cat. We get back to the house, all a little drained, me scratched up and torn up and husband with strained back. . .Miller’s all excited and ready to go outside again. It was very upsetting, honestly. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to him. He’s my four-legged furchild. . .my fuzzy ball of happiness. And he doesn’t come when called. I suppose that’s the end of him sitting in the back room with me, at least when the screen’s open. I suppose the other solution would be to bite the bullet and actually fence in the backyard, which I definitely wouldn’t mind doing. Needless to say, I’m tired. Exhausted mentally, emotionally, a little bit physically. Thought very seriously about phoning it in today. . .not much going on at the office, so I’m not quite sure why I’m here anyhow. Good thing it’s Friday. I don’t think I could take another weekday right now.


2 thoughts on “running on empty

  1. this CRACKED me up (the part about “killer/miller”)…I hope Miller learned his lesson and that you fence that back yard in soon! 🙂
    I don’t think he even realizes that he did something wrong. To him he was just trying to rid the world of cats, one cat at a time.

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