what watching the dog pee makes me think of.

Every morning, after hitting snooze three times, I get out of bed, dress and take Miller for his morning walk. This is typically the time when my best thinking is done, the time when my mind is most clear and open to exploring ideas, working through problems. Often times I wish I was able to carry around a note pad or some sort of recording device so that I could get these super clear thoughts down, save them for later when I get into work and have the opportunity to write about them. Of course if I were to use a recording device, the thoughts would be punctuated by accents of me talking to the dog as well. Miller’s a pretty good listener, even if he is totally focused on checking his pee-mail in the mornings, rather than on what soothing sounds may be coming out of my mouth.  So anyhow, this morning’s mind ramble focused on my sister, on family. . .and how all of the pieces sort of come together…
I'm not quite sure what I was telling her, but it had to be good.

I never really gave much thought to the fact that someone younger than me, once shorter than me, would be able to teach me so much about myself. My “little” sister will be 30 this year and I do believe we’re finally both at a point where we can have amazing impact on each other’s lives. She’s part of my inspiration in starting my blog life over again, writing more and getting back in touch with that person I used to be, the person I still am, the person who was kind of hiding for a while. All it took was a beautiful handwritten notecard, a phone call on a weeknight, a quick e-mail. . .there’s something so amazing about the relationship you end up having with family sometimes. . .when you stop to think about it, you don’t have too many people in your life who know you on that intimate level, who can be completely frank and candid with you about your shortcomings, about how they think you should, could and better achieve more because you’re not quite living up to their expectations (honestly, she did say this to me at one point and it kind of pissed me off, but in retrospect, she was right). Family sees you. Clearly. I may just be blessed to have the kind of family who is supportive and constructive and always there for me, I suppose. I’m beginning to realize that this is not the sort of thing you should take for granted. Life is short. 


I suppose I should end this sappy love letter to my sibling by telling her that I love her, respect her, and thank her for opening my eyes to a lot of things. You have always wanted someone who was exactly like you to pal around with and talk to and while I’m not that person, our similarities are more apparent now than they’ve ever really been.



One thought on “what watching the dog pee makes me think of.

  1. aw…I would have never guessed this post had anything to do with me by reading the title…what a pleasant surprise behind the “read more” link…

    I think there have always been ebbs and flows of inspiration between you and I…whether it be through postcard exchanges or individual visits in each of our respective cities. Maybe now, we’re really just beginning to appreciate it all – and how important it is in our lives 🙂

    that is such a great picture…love you.

    I had that picture hanging out on my computer in a folder. Stumbled across it the other day and thought it was worth writing about…

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