sunny side down

I am a self-proclaimed weather dork. I look forward to watching the forecast, I read a weather blog on a daily basis, I’m in tune with high pressure and low pressure and weak fronts. At present, however, I’m angry with the weather, with mother nature, with the meteorological community. They keep saying we may see sun, but no sun appears. It’s like they’re dangling a little smiley faced sunshine head from a stick out in front of us all, promising us we’ll get to see it if we can just get to it. It is once again a wall of white outside my office window. The promise of “thinning clouds” may lead to a spot or two of sun this afternoon, but I’m not getting my hopes up. The lack of sun is making me blue. . .and the greening of the leaves, the blowing of the pollen, is making me feel a little mleh. Not entirely allergy-ridden, just worn out.


This morning, as if to challenge mother nature and her lack of spring-like warmth, I took my run outside. . .stepped out the door from the gym, arms pumping, ready to take on a few miles. . .and my skin immediately signaled to my brain as if to say “wtf, it’s 45 degrees out here”.  A few minutes in, everything was humming along, though. It’s amazing how much of a difference there is between treadmill running and running outdoors. . .aside from the obvious aspect of temperature difference, there’s nothing regulating your pace except your own body. . .and relearning how to pace myself is an interesting process. The two miles I ran this morning took me about 21 minutes, same amount of time on a treadmill gives me about a half mile less distance. 


I’m procrastinating on a few to do items as I write this. . .my plate is so very empty today, but the few items on it are heavy, at least in my mind. I’m not so sure what’s holding me back on finishing my resume and application question for this potential promotion. It’s an internal move, so it’s not all that complex. . .quite possibly I’m overthinking it all in trying to take it seriously. I’m much more content to sit here and think about what I should be doing rather than actually just doing it. . .and I can’t really put it off any longer. The resume is done, just needs tweaking. The question is answered in my head, just needs writing. I put up these mental roadblocks sometimes. . .concrete jersey barriers and orange construction barrels that impede the flow of my energy and efforts. . .directing me away from where I need to be. . .what’s the harm in just doing what needs to be done? I think my brain and I need to have a serious talk.




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