french is the new italian

dressing, that is. when I was a wee little salad eater, I rather enjoyed french dressing. Tangy, adventurous, foreign! As I matured, I began to appreciate vinaigrettes and italian-style dressings more. I go to my favorite bottle of italian more often than not, never tiring of its zesty blend of herbs and spices.  Recently, however, I had the opportunity (read, coupon) to purchase Wishbone’s French Flair spray vinaigrette. I must say, I haven’t been disappointed. It packs a lot of flavor into 10-12 sprays. Enough to make my salad say ooh la la! Well, maybe not quite that wonderful, but it is pretty dang tasty. I eat salads for lunch most days of the work week, along with some sort of soup or frozen entree. This is part of how I’ve been able to maintain my weight and occasionally drop a few pounds, all the while getting in my servings of fruits and vegetables. 


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