the 3-mile cleanse…

Typically on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I run in the morning. Usually at the office gym and usually (especially during the winter months) on a treadmill. I know some folks don’t enjoy running on a treadmill, inside, under fluorescent lights. . .going nowhere at a predetermined pace, but I rather enjoy it. It takes away the fact that when I’m running outside, I need to be aware of my surroundings, of every dip and divot and root and stone. . .of cars and pedestrians and, on the occasions I run along the GW Parkway, insane cyclists. Running on the treadmill is purely me time. It’s when I take stock of what my body is doing, focusing on form and function. It’s when I have time to think about all of the things I don’t normally take the time to think about, like breathing and just how good that endorphin rush feels when it kicks in after about 10 minutes (near the first mile). It’s funny, on my running mornings I’m typically drag-ass, not wanting to go to the gym, not wanting to run. The first few minutes I’m usually saying in my head “we’ll just stop after 5 minutes”. . .which is usually when my desire to crank up the speed kicks in. Once I’m in the zone, I’m golden. Glowing with sweat, running off last night’s spaghetti dinner, thinking about how in a few weeks I stand a chance at a new PR in a 5K race, my shortest race of the year thus far. . .longing for warmer weather and increased morning light so I can take this show outside and really see what this machine can do. The joy of running for me. . .no matter what mood I wake up in, no matter what nonsense happened the night before. . .a few miles will cure all. later days,me 


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