take me out…

Our first game at the new ballpark
Originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

Sad that it’s taken me until Tuesday to post anything about my weekend. . .about the exhibition game Saturday night and how fantastic the new ballpark is. . .about watching Ryan Zimmerman (on TV, not at the ballpark) hit one out of the park on Opening Day, christening the stadium properly with an exciting win. . .about going to an art opening for a friend and taking in some culture. . .about burgers and half-smokes and Peroni on tap.
I guess all of the details of the weekend are still a bit jumbled in my head and unable to come out in a format that would make sense to anyone other than me. . .but I figured it was about time I marked my place. . .perhaps to come back later.


One thought on “take me out…

  1. Such a cute picture! (And wasn’t that game awesome??)

    Thank you guys, for coming out to the show. It was awesome having you both there. Hopefully next time we can plan something fun together. 🙂

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