belly full
brain empty
not quite able to get my body back to full speed just yet this week
groggy yet awake at the same time, must be the influx of daylight
starting each morning in inky darkness, strolling with the miller dog before hitting the road
ending the day driving home in sunlight or lighter cloudy skies depending on mother nature’s mood
it’s throwing me, playing with my mind and my body and I know I’m not the only one in my office who feels this way. I could go for a nap or something and I’m not even close to being a napper.
I think some afternoon tea is in order in an hour or two. . .a little pick me up.

ran my second race of the year on Sunday morning in frigid, blustery downtown DC. . .
St. Patrick’s Day 8K, finished in 53:04 for a split time of 10:40. . .I was really pleased. . .although while I was running I kept wondering what makes a person go out in sub-freezing windchills to run 5 miles.

I’ve got ads to create and sketches done for them but I can’t quite seem to put mouse to mat today to make the ads come alive digitally. . .hopefully my preliminary sketches and working out of ideas will enable me to more quickly complete the ads come tomorrow?



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