new music nostalgia…

I downloaded the new Black Crowes album before leaving work yesterday. . .got my first opportunity to listen to it on the commute home, although with the wet, misty roads and occasional heavy downpour, I wasn’t fully able to absorb it. . .listened to it a bit more over dinner with moosebraying, lingering in the back room over taco salad and a $6 bottle of serviceable Pinot Noir. . .
It takes me back to Georgia. To college, to post-college, to Music Midtown festival and 16oz. cans of miller light in a foam koozie. . .to late nights working on homework, or late nights singing karaoke. . .sounds of the past came flooding back.
Sometimes it’s good to dip your toes in the calm, filtered waters of nostalgia, just for a little bit. . .a place where mostly good memories reside, especially for me in instances where music is a trigger. It’s good to look back and realize it wasn’t all insanity, stupid mistakes and bad choices. . .it did, after all, get me to where I am today.

later days,


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