suited up

Courtesy of the closet of 20three, I’m wearing a suit jacket-ish thing today.
I’m must say, I look pretty schnazzy. . .pretty adult (yeah, I have a hard time wrapping my head around that concept sometimes). Got lots of comments from the office folk as to why I was all suited up today. . .does one need a reason to dress well for work? It’s not that out of character or out of the norm in my office. . .I’ve worn blazers before. I suppose I just look more put together than usual? Perhaps I should dress up to this extent more often? I mean, clothes don’t make the man. . .but this opens up many questions about my typical office attire. . .Would wearing a suit cause me to command more respect? Not that I don’t already. . .I think sometimes the image of a suit infers power, control, authority. . .makes me want to keep the suit on a while longer today, rather than switching over to sleep pants and a t-shirt…I’ll ponder on this on my way home.

later days,


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