monday. very monday.

Wow. I don’t think I realized how much beer I consumed yesterday until this morning when I wasn’t quite feeling functional. . .when my equillibrium was a tad off. But I pressed on, got up, got to the gym and am now at my desk, one of the few people in the DC area that is working on President’s day.
I’ll be heading down to my parents house in about an hour to have lunch with 20three, who happens to be on the east coast until later today, going through some stuff at the house. My parents are putting their house on the market this spring and we have 20+ years of accumulated crap stored there. Most of my stuff is actually in my house, but I’m sure I could dig up enough remaining crap to fill a few boxes.

I actually did get up on Saturday morning and run the 10K. I was rather pleased with my performance as I ran the entire 6.2 miles without stopping to walk. I kept with my fairly consistent pace of 11:30 mile and felt great at the end. I’m experiencing a little soreness today, but I’m almost completely recovered. I didn’t realize that I had it in me to just keep going like that. Something about the blue sky and rather pleasant course kept me moving. . .it was a great way to start my weekend and made the Chinese we ate for dinner on Saturday night that much more enjoyable.

It really is a monday. I can feel it. I’m not moving at the speed I should be and I’d rather be at home sleeping right now. . .but I’ll get over it.

later days,


2 thoughts on “monday. very monday.

  1. thanks:) What was interesting is that at the end, I felt like I could just keep running. I don’t have any desire to run a marathon, but it was nice to know that my body supported me in this effort.

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