Five years ago
, I had yet to meet the love of my life. I was looking forward to a trip to Atlanta that would last longer than I wanted due to insane amounts of snow. I was somewhat unsure if I’d made the right decision in moving back to NoVA.
Four years ago I was in Daytona for the 500 with one of my best friends, leaving my relatively new fiancé behind for a few days of speed and sun.
Three years ago I was happily married, enjoying the holiday with moosebraying, recovering from a weekend trip of snowtubing and scrabble.
Two years ago, we ate a memorable meal at a divine restaurant in Old Town. Savored life, savored love, savored every last bite.
Last year, apparently I wasn’t in a writing mood. . .I believe it snowed on VD and I stayed home from work and made us heart-shaped french toast.
This year I’ll be making us this delicious yet simple dish to be accompanied by asparagus, roasted baby potatoes, some wine, some relaxation and some reality TV:). We’re heading out to a nice meal tomorrow night when we can linger, savor and enjoy and not have to worry about getting up for work the following morning.

I’m immensely fortunate to get to spend the rest of my life with this guy. I know you don’t really need a special day to express love, but sometimes in the chaos of day to day life it’s nice to have something make you stop and remember love. savor love. enjoy the other person in your life and give thanks for their being brought into your life by something as insane as this blog.
Happy Valentine’s Day moosebraying
Can’t wait to enjoy the evening with you.


One thought on “HVD!

  1. 😀 This made me happy. I remember when you first moved, believe it or not! Before Moosebraying. And I’ve been so happy for your happiness and growth as a person full of love.

    Happy V-Day

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