up early, in early

le yawn.
So now I see how we can vote in November, on election day, and make it into work on time. . .get up at the ass crack of dawn. Both moosebraying and I were up before the polls opened at 6. . .I took Miller to do his civic duty before we went to do ours. . .and I had moosebraying dropped off at the Metro before 6:45. . .I suppose had I not showered and stuff, we could’ve been in and out of our polling place earlier, giving me time to hit the gym this morning. As it stands, I’ll be hitting the weights some time this afternoon. . .strength training day doesn’t leave me nearly as sweaty as my heavy cardio days.
I have to say, voting this morning was much faster than voting in November was. . .one button to push, one name to select. . .got my sticker, good to go. I’m really happy that Virginia opens the polls so early. . .it definitely makes it easier on those of us that work nowhere near our polling place (myself in Maryland and moosebraying in DC). . .this actually does make me eligible to vote absentee in November, but something tells me I won’t want to. . .voting on election day, especially a presidential election, is such a rush. . .I voted mail-in absentee all four years of college and I’ll never forget my first time actually going to the polling place for any election.

I’m looking forward to eating my favorite “Souper” baked potato this evening, watching the returns and baking valentine’s sugar cookies. . .lord knows there’s nothing else on the TV these days.

moosebraying and I watched High Fidelity last night. . .so easy to forget what a good movie that is.

man, I’m tired. This is really going to hit me later.


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