Wow. I forgot what a difference eating my breakfast an hour earlier makes. . .
I’m so used to eating at 8:30 after I go to the gym. . .and now I’m friggin ravenous, which can be dangerous.
Problem is, if I eat now, I’m going to have one hell of a time making it through to 7pm for dinner. . .I’m thinking that afternoon yogurt break isn’t going to hack it. . .grrr. . .
maybe I’ll have to run out after hitting the gym, pending the weather, and grab my free taco at California Tortilla. They’re giving out a free taco to anyone who comes in wearing an “I Voted” sticker:).


3 thoughts on “growl!

  1. Mmm a taco would keep me going for the afternoon, I do believe.

    I through some thick-cut boneless pork chops in the crock pot for dinner tonight. I can’t wait for dinner after I lift weights tonight.

  2. mmm. . .porkchops! What does one do with porkchops in the crock pot?
    Yeah, I’m heading down to the gym now. . .the lure of a nice, soft black bean taco (no cheese) is my motivation.

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