as I recall it…

This weekend, like most other weekends, was two days long. . .shorter than was required for me to recover from whatever mental malaise I suffered from last week, in my opinion, but still a rather pleasant stretch of time in between these crazy workweeks that seem to carry on.
Saturday involved the usual assortment of errands, grocery shopping, weight lifting and couch sitting. It involved the return of the rumble of stock car engines to my life, a welcome distraction in between football season and, well, football season. . .
It involved a random run through a second grocery store resulting in some free cheese samples and a free t-shirt.
It involved the viewing of a movie we’ve had sitting around for a month. . .a movie that made me realize how some films stand the test of time better than others. . .a movie that made me excited for the next sports season to arrive and fun to be had in a new stadium. . .

Sunday involved a random assortment of solo shopping, driving, couch sitting and bidding farewell to football season. Yes, we watched the pro bowl. If it’s NFL, it’s on in our house. And now that will be absent from our life until August. . .freeing up Sundays again to do other crazy things like leave the house.

I’m feeling a little more with it this week, thus far, but shouldn’t have stayed up as late as I did watching the Grammys last night…I never watch award shows. . .guess I really must have been wanting to watch something…not like I don’t have books to read. . .

Gotta get some stuff done here because as with it as I claim to be at the moment, my mind is still capable of wandering and being distracted and not being productive.

later days,


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