remedy for what is ailing me…

moosebraying and I enjoyed dinner out last night at Faccia Luna in Old Town.
Yummy pizza, good beer, good company and good conversation.
Being waited on is good for what ails me sometimes.
Upon leaving the restaurant, we came across Senator John Warner attempting to get into the Williams Sonoma next door. Much to his dismay, the store was closed. . .seems like it took him a few moments to realize this and then he walked back to his car and drove off. We both did this double take when he walked by. . .he has one of those rather distinct and memorable faces that stand out. He is, to me, what a senator should look like. . .so there you have it, our very own celebrity sighting, DC style.
I’m still not feeling entirely here, but I’m working on it. I have ads that must be completed today and a few items on my daily agenda that will eat into the time I have available to complete these ads. must release the creative flow. must put pencil to paper, pixels to screen, string together words that evoke “trendy, sophisticated city living”. Again, I’ve got ideas, sketches, thumbnails, lists of color palettes complete with CMYK breakdown, fonts selected. . .just a matter of implementing them.

I hope yoga unblocks whatever is going on with me today.
My knee is hurting less today, but that’s probably b/c I didn’t try running on it this morning. I still think I need to see someone about the pain.
later days,

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