struggling to find focus this week

I’m wandering pretty aimlessly through this week, going through the motions, following through with routine.
Feeling occasionally here, but mostly not. Parts of my day are present, others I’m completely checked out.
Not sleeping all that well because of some crazy knee pain I’m experiencing, which reminds me I need to go and get it checked out if this persists. Work dreams are making my sleep restless as well, which is odd because work, while busy, is not all that stressful right now.
I’ve got ideas for things that need doing but lack the drive to get going on them. Deadlines loom, making me more and more wound up inside. . .and I cause myself to not create, not complete, put out stuff because it needs putting out.
I’ve got stacks of recipes that need cooking, tasting, trying, but at the end of the day, all I want is to be waited on. served. cleaned up after. put to bed and given a kiss on the forehead.
Nothings wrong, really. Things just feel a little out of focus right now and I need to somehow figure out what it’s going to take to sharpen the edges and pull it all together.

later days,


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