I’ll take Potpourri for $1000 Alex…

Virginia’s presidential primary is a little less than two weeks away, February 12th (also, incidentally, Lincoln’s Birthday. . .in case you cared to know).
The candidate I was planning on voting for is no longer in the running.
Looks like I’ve got some reading/deciding to do, and I don’t feel strongly enough, really, about either one of my options to make a good decision at the moment.

I’m particularly sleepy today, but I’m not entirely sure why. I believe I got enough sleep last night, getting into bed shortly after 10. Sometimes by this point in the week, I just want to sleep longer, not get up and go to the gym. . .but that’s a bit of a slippery slope toward not working out at all. I’ve rolled down that hill before and I’m not too keen on going back down.

Yoga was, as usual, wonderful today. We ended up doing one partnered pose where one person is in child pose and the other person basically does a back bend on top of them. . .sitting on the bottom person’s butt bones and rolling back over them. It’s a tremendous hip opener for the person on the bottom and a back stretch for the person on top. This got more than a few looks through the classroom door from all the more traditional gymrats that frequent The Club during the noon hour. I’m sure all of the men out there were all “whoa, what are those women doing in there? Is that legal?” All I can say is that it felt good.

Last night moosebraying and I watched Talk to Me last night, which we both really enjoyed. Something about movies set in DC that makes them worth checking out. . .well, that and Don Cheadle.
Post movie, moosebraying picked up the video camera and started recording a documentary about Miller in the style of Behind the Music. . .I’m not sure if it was what he was saying or the look on the poor dog’s face as he laid there on the couch, tucked under the blanket, scanning between my face and his trying to figure out what was going on. .. but I was cracking up. At one point, I just wanted to remove the dog from the situation, so I decided I was going to pick him up (which I rarely do) and carry him up the stairs. It must have put a strain on my delicate system as I had barely gotten three feet from the couch, dog in arms, when I started farting uncontrollably. Fortunately I had the mind to put the dog down gently rather than dropping him from my laughter induced weakness. Meanwhile, moosebraying was still recording. and laughing. and recording. Methinks I’ll be locating that file sometime this evening to make sure it gets put somewhere safe. . .I’m actually sitting here laughing as I type this and recall the events of that part of our evening. Good times.

Tonight marks the return of new TV programming with the season premier of Lost. The writer’s strike has definitely meant more movie watching in our household, but I’m ready for something new to watch. Hopefully it lives up to the buildup.

later days,


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