slow day in the land of this and that

Amazing how one day can be completely, out of control busy and the next I’m clockwatching, waiting for 5:30 to roll around so I can get out.
I’m still a tad under the weather, but its nothing more than a cold. . .and a minor one at that. Plenty of rest, plenty of fluids. . .should be good to go. I’m doing my best not to give into the cold…and it seems to be working well for me. I strongly believe that a positive attitude makes a world of difference in one’s physical health.
Speaking of health and wellness, I’ve been back on the WW wagon for a little over three weeks now. It comes back so easily, the counting and measuring and really paying attention to what I put into my body. I’ve gotten myself into a nice workout routine, 6 days a week, three strength training, three cardio, plus yoga on Thursdays. It provides a nice balance to my day, starting it off pumping iron or bringing on the endorphin rush. Down a little over 4lbs in three weeks. Slow and steady. . .clothes fitting better. . .sleeping well (for the most part). . .plenty of energy. Not sure why I seem to fall off the healthy lifestyle train so easily every fall. . .something about that time of year just makes me become lax in my eating/exercise habits and want to pack on the hibernation lbs.

My brain is all mleh right now. seriously. slow. I know it’ll pick back up tomorrow when all of the monkeys are in the office. . .I suppose I could be reviewing the materials for training the new sales person on Friday. . .but at this point in the day my desire to do much else is more or less gone. Internet surfing it is. Or just staring mindlessly at the horizon, the beautiful setting sun, marvelling at the fact that the days have gotten longer:).

later days,


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