movies, moms and malls

Met up with my mother this morning to take in 27 Dresses.
Complete and total indulgent chick flick. . .perfect for a Sunday morning.
Post movie, we strolled the mall, poked our heads into a few stores I don’t get to very often (Tysons’ has so many stores that aren’t at other malls), and grabbed a light lunch at Brio. It was just some good, quality, mother/daughter time. I’m going to miss that when they move to Tennessee later this year.

My stomach hasn’t been right lately. Something I’m eating isn’t jiving with my body. Could be the wine from yesterday, but I can’t imagine that it would still be causing issues. Food just seems to run right through me. I haven’t had this kind of intestinal distress since I was in high school. I don’t recall anything we ate at lunch being particularly troubling. . .peculiar. Everything I’m doing to my body right now is so very healthy. Balanced diet, plenty of exercise, plenty of water. . .not quite sure why it’s revolting against my efforts to be good.

I’ve got a busy week at the office ahead of me. I’m not really looking forward to it. January seems so long and so short at the same time. . .

Not really much else to say right now. Just wrapped up a little bit of work that I brought home in exchange for taking off early on Friday. moosebraying is downstairs watching one of the Jurassic Park movies rather loudly and I’m roasting in the temperature imbalance zone that is the spare bedroom. Perhaps I should go downstairs and cool off. . .throw some dinner together. . .pack tomorrow’s lunch.

later days,


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