feeling open…

Yoga was wonderful today. . .
a lot of chest opening and hip opening poses. . .
aids in breathing.

I’m continuing to be busy, although not in the “catching up from what I missed monday” sort of way.
Business helps pass the time, pass the hours, makes me feel useful, worthwhile, productive.
I’d rather have a full inbox than be watching the sweep of the second hand.

Having yoga to divide my day in half allows me to refocus on work as well. Prior to class, I was multitasking in a crazy, haphazard fashion. Now I can take the remainder of the day and tackle tasks in the order they were meant to be done in.

It’s good to have something like yoga to balance me out, bring me back to center. I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to realize that’s a force/energy I need in my life.

later days,


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