didn’t think I’d need the java today…

but after looking/sorting/entering/rifling through the pile of ad requests and e-mails that came across my desk (physically or digitally) in my absence yesterday, the coffee may be just what I need to bring order to my chaos.

Feeling light years better and insanely well rested today (hence my thinking I wouldn’t need the coffee). I actually woke up around 5am thinking, ok. . .I’m ready to get this day started. Lets’ go! Then I looked at the clock and realized that I was jumping the gun a tad and could actually sleep for another hour. Which I did, albeit restlessly. . .impatiently. . .waiting for the alarm. . .thinking I’d oversleep. I probably should’ve just gotten up and gotten going. Although I’m not sure that Miller would’ve wanted to go for a walk that early.

sigh. I’d best tackle all of this work before more gets piled on. Good thing I went ahead and prepared tonight’s dinner yesterday. . .it’ll make the possibility of working late not so troubling.

later days,


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