what happened to Sunday?

Apparently I was unable to make it out of bed long enough yesterday to post, so there goes another long posting streak. . .best pick myself back up, dust myself off (shower, for goodness sakes) and carry on.

I’m recovering from some stomach woes, which had me sadly laid out all of yesterday. I couldn’t even keep down a cracker. seriously. I feel like a dried out raisin, as redundant as that sounds. Needless to say, I’m staying home today in spite of the fact that my office isn’t closed for MLK day. I’m wiped (even though I did spend all day in bed) and weak and probably useless at the office. I need to get my strength back up to make it through the rest of this week, which includes my ad deadline and some other production related craziness.

I’m going to try to savor my day today. Get in a little quality reading time and focus on being ready for work tomorrow.



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