while my dog gently sleeps…

Welcome to winter Saturdays.
For the first time in weeks, there is no football on Saturday.
In a few weeks, we won’t have football on Sunday either.
This is typically the time of year when I start wondering what to do with myself. This year is going to be different. I’ve got books to read (which isn’t that different), recipes to peruse, exercising that can be done at the local rec center, and a list of fun, inexpensive activities that may or may not involve leaving the house. I’m fully prepared for this long, grey stretch of winter that typically gets me down.

Went to the gym today (at the rec center) and did some strength training. Feeling mighty fine after one week of weights.
Tonight I’ll be partying downtown with Karen at The Final Countdown. . .ready to shake my groove thing and enjoy the company of some very interesting people. Our friend Keya is one of the organizers of this event, celebrating 1 year to go in the Bush administration. I’m not entirely sure what to expect. . .but I’m always open to having some fun.

moosebraying will be holding down the fort this evening with Miller. . .large, loud, social situations that may or may not involve dancing and talking to total strangers aren’t exactly his cup of tea.
mmmm. cup of tea. that sounds like an excellent idea right about now.

later days,


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