endorphins, ho!

Finally able to get back to running this week after a 2-3 week hiatus due to the ankle sprain. It feels so good to be running again:).
Went to the gym this afternoon instead of this morning b/c of the potential for ice making the commute longer than necessary. I haven’t gone in the afternoon in quite some time. . .felt strange. My day just seened a little off. Of course, now I’m all hopped up on endorphins. . .with no place to go.

They’re calling for more potential weather tomorrow afternoon, which kind of sucks. I’ve got plans tomorrow night, which, while they involve Metro for transport, also involve meeting up with someone coming from further out in the ‘burbs. . .time will tell I suppose.

I don’t feel like cooking tonight.
I feel like nachos and beer!!! woo hoo!!!!

um, yeah. I need to calm down. I’ve got traffic/commuting ahead of me. No need to be all tweaked.

so glad it’s friday and another weekend is here:).

later days,


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