il neige!!!!

beautiful, beautiful fluffy flakes fall outside my office window.
nothing’s sticking to the roads up here in Bethesda, which leads me to believe even less is sticking down in Alexandria at home.
I’ve been longing for a taste of real winter since we had a few flakes back in December. . .something to give me reason to wear my new snowboots.

Just escaped from the longest sales meeting. . .seriously. it’s 11am. I’ve just sat down to start working. 8:30-11. . .unnecessary, don’t you think. . .I guess I could’ve stepped out of the meeting sooner, but it’s not like I had anything that needed doing until the AEs submit ad req’s.

yoga in one hour. hope no one needs anything between now and then so I can get a little better organized.

perhaps later I’ll tell the tale of last night’s delicious dinner at Oya.
until then
later days,


5 thoughts on “il neige!!!!

  1. In Tyson’s the side roads are sticking, and the Beltway is starting to slow down a bit which is unusual this time of day. Parking lots are completely covered, and even the plowed ones are starting to get recovered.

  2. If you haven’t left for home by now, you’re going to regret it, I think. It was actually getting pretty bad in silver spring when I left around 11. And even worse once you got into VA

    good luck getting home. out here where i live, there is already a few inches.

  3. ahh. I take the beltway to either georgetown pike to 7 or the toll road to 28 to 7. the beltway wasn’t horrible then, but visibility was next to zero especially at the legion bridge..and the toll road hadn’t even been touched..neither had 7 at that point

    So you’re lucky..we hve about 4 or 5 inches here now

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