Lazy Sunday

It’s always nice to wake up Sunday morning, thinking for a second that it’s Monday, but then realizing that it is, indeed, still the weekend:).
Lazing about after a quick cleanup of the bedroom this morning. I’ve enjoyed the sunday paper, a nice big mug of cafe au lait and a simple egg and cheese sandwich.
Amazingly, I’m not feeling as sore as I thought I might. John had mentioned to me that I may actually feel worse tomorrow, two days after the workout. . .but we’ll see. I did take the suggestion of translucent_eye and drink more water than usual yesterday. . .as for the potassium, well, I’ve been incorporating a daily banana into my diet as well. I forget how tasty a good, perfectly ripe banana can be. They’re relatively inexpensive as far as produce goes (49 cents a pound) and very portable. I tend to eat one on my way to the gym in the morning.

Nothing planned for today, aside from watching more of the playoffs. I really enjoyed watching the Green Bay/Seattle game yesterday. What a snowstorm. . .it looked like they were playing in a well-shaken snowglobe at times. I hope that the Giants win today in Dallas so that the NFC championship is in Green Bay next week as opposed to Dallas.

I keep toying with the idea of getting a CSA share this year. . .when you look at the total cost, it seems like a lot. . .but when I think of how much I spend on produce on a weekly basis, it’s actually better. . .one of the CSAs I could do is through Food Matters in Alexandria. They will be culling their produce from several farms. At $20 a week it’s one of the best deals out there. . .but it’s 43 weeks long. Nice thing about theirs is that if you can’t pick up one week, they’ll double up for you the following week. Other CSAs don’t do that. I just wish that there was an option to do half of the weeks. . . I just don’t know. I suppose I should make up my mind quickly, though, as a lot of these fill up quickly. The idea of someone picking and selecting the freshest most in season local produce really appeals to me on so many levels. It would make it a lot easier to eat locally, that’s for sure.

My coffee calls me from downstairs. . .
later days,


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. it looked like they were playing in a well-shaken snowglobe

    What a perfect description!

    Almost everyone I know who does a farmshare loves it. You have to pe prepared for the weeks when they give you tons of a certain vegetable or another because that is what they are massively harvesting at the time. I have really been considering doing a half or a third of a share myself.

  2. Definitely do the CSA share, but be prepared as says to get a ton of something, and suddenly have to come up with creative new ways to use (and share) something you’ve never cooked before. I was the beneficiary of some odd overflow items when Laura lived across the street from me. 🙂

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