I trekked up to the office gym today to meet my coworker John. He showed me some upper body strength training exercises that I plan on incorporating into my weekly workout routines. This year seemed like as good a time as any to increase strength. I know I’m going to feel this tomorrow, in spite of the stretching that I did after lifting. . .but it’ll be the good kind of pain. The kind that lets you know that your body is working, feeling, functioning and alive. . .as opposed to the kind of pain one feels when you’ve injured yourself. Fortunately, I’m intimate with that kind of pain. . .so I should easily be able to tell the difference.
It was really nice having someone take the time to show me how to properly use some of the weight machines, showing me form and explaining what I should feel while doing these exercises. Even nicer that this was free:). Hmm. . .perhaps taking John to lunch in the near future is in order.
I was amazed at how lifting made my body feel. It was honestly similar to the experience I had in yoga class on Thursday. . .exercising felt great, it felt right. . .I’m sure I’ll have a different opinion come tomorrow. ;).

Right now, I’m sitting here feeling every muscle in my upper body vibrate with electricity. . .feeling the wet nose of miller poking me in the wrist every few seconds because he wants attention. . .feeling like it’s time to go relax and read and unwind before watching some football in a few hours.

later days,

One thought on “strength.

  1. That’s great! I just started lifting again on a regular basis as well.

    Do yourself a favor and drink a lil more water then usual, make sure to get some potassium (bananas are great for this) and I suggest taking an aspirin before bed tonight and tomorrow night. That first lifting is the most painful, and it usually gets you in the middle of the night when your muscles are idle and able to finally repair themselves.

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