hindsight and the view from here…

The icon for this entry is a picture of me, taken in the summer of 2000 in Chicago.
I was 23 going on 24 in this picture. . .living my life somewhat recklessly, feeling invincible, being irresponsible more often than not. . .
I wonder what that girl would think of my life now.
I wonder what she would think of getting up every weekday at 6am to walk a dog and then drive into the office at 6:30 to go to the gym before actually being at work on time. . .(she wasn’t often on time once she started her new position, immediately after this trip to Chicago). . .
I wonder what she would think of saving rather than spending. . .of staying in on a Friday night (or every night) instead of hitting the bar on the way home from work. . .of going to bed routinely at 10pm.
I wonder what she would think of packing a healthy lunch every day, of having the money to go grocery shopping, of planning for now and for the future. . .
I wonder what she would make of my rather tame married life.
I’m not so sure that she and I would be friends. She might be an interesting person to be around, to go out with and get crazy, but she most likely wouldn’t want to sit around and play board games.

People often say “oh, to be young and foolish”. . .I’m not so sure I’d want to go back there.
I mean, sure, I had a LOT of fun. . .but at what cost. I’ve righted my wrongs but it probably took me longer than it should have to get to this point. . .I’m entirely too content with my domesticated, tame, rather routine life at the moment. Perhaps she’d be envious of the stability of it all. . .all she really had was her job (the same job, basically that I still have, nearly 10 years later with the same company).

Here it is 2008. A friday night. I’m about to go cook some pork chops, perhaps read a few pages from a good book. . .get some rest so I can meet my coworker John at the gym tomorrow so he can show me some weight training basics so that I can expand my current fitness routine. When did I go and get so grown up?

Time flies, I suppose.

3 thoughts on “hindsight and the view from here…

  1. I love this post. You should definitely save it in your Memories.

    I think about whether or not I’d be friends with my younger self. I think she’d either be impressed or quite possibly disappointed in some of my choices. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. I’ve always loved this little portrait of you – so whimsical and fun – such a portrait of the sister I used to visit with in Atlanta. But now, the sister living in DC – she’s just as much fun, only in different ways. 🙂

  3. I’m sneaky, nosy and yea…

    I really loved this post, though. A lot. It makes me wonder what I’ll say to myself in even just a few years. Even though I am already kind of a homebody (don’t let the tweets fool you!), etc.

    I did go through the party phase, and I’m still working on the smoking… but slow small steps everyday, I guess.

    It’s weird how life changes you, but yet you remain fundamentally the same.

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