in the flow, with the breath

yoga class was particularly invigorating today. I bent further than I’ve bent in the past and my whole body feels energized as a result. . .a nice, thorough workout with great results.
the one thing I really enjoy about yoga is the focus on breathing. Being and staying with the breath. Breathing through your muscles. . .breathing is typically something we don’t think about. It’s an automatic process that our body does, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes labored. . .but when you focus on the breath, on controlling it, on really feeling it. . .your mind can just let go, your body can let go. . .it’s so amazingly relaxing and refreshing. Today our instructor asked us to notice the end of the breath on the inhale, how you feel a little cool air at the tip of your nostrils. . .and I noticed it. Something I hadn’t really given much thought to before. It’s this process of removing oneself from the train of daily thought, of tasks and stressors and worries, that allows you to give yourself to yoga practice.
This may sound all new agey and trippy. . .but seriously. Next time stress creeps in, next time you’re flustered and can’t find up from down, stop. Breathe and really focus on the breath for about five minutes. You’ll find yourself instantly refreshed and most likely more relaxed than you were. This is what yoga does for me. Slows me down and allows me to focus solely on my body, the form and the breath. I’m so very thankful that these classes are taught here in my building during lunch hour. . .I’m not sure how I lived this long without them:). Surely more stressfully.

later days,


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