what to do

time flies when you’re busy, I suppose.
The to do list on my desk is nearly all crossed off.
I take great joy in the list making at work. . .in writing it down, checking it off, moving it to the next day if possible. Sometimes I cross things off w/gusto, other times, I barely make a scratch. Sometimes I switch pen colors/marker colors based on what’s around. Always the same pad of paper (until it runs out). Sometimes there are bullets, sub lists, notes, doodles. . .but this list gets me through the day, makes my life simpler (at the office anyhow). I suppose if my home didn’t feel so cluttered most of the time, I’d be well served by a to do list there as well, only I feel that the list items would be more long term items like, replace the windows, level the floor, get carpeting, buy milk. . .when I lived with roommates a few years back we had a white board on the fridge that served that sort of purpose, but it was more of a message board to the others. I make grocery lists, weekly, but don’t typically cross things off them and inevitably forget an item (last week it was steel wool and dishwasher detergent). My lists, although by nature organizational tools, are far from organized. I suppose the most important aspect of my random jotting of tasks is that they are out there, waiting to be accomplished. . .waiting to be crossed off so that I can move onto the next task needing doing. (not that I necessarily or ever take any list in its written order. . .that would be too easy)


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