weighty subject…

I’ve somehow managed to let a few pounds creep back on. . .which is rather frustrating. It’s as if I can’t ever stop paying full attention to what I’m eating. I love food. . .eating it, cooking it, talking about it. . .and to have to really pay attention to what I’m eating, to have to plan in order to enjoy myself takes some of the joy out of it. But I’ve done it before, and I’m sure this won’t be the last time . . .back on Weight Watchers. I’ve got 10 lbs to lose to be back to my goal weight according to the scale this morning. . .but I’m just hoping that I was a little puffy from the food this weekend and that I’m not really 10 lbs over goal.
I’ve had a lot of success with WW in the past and know how to buckle down, count those points, and enjoy what I’m eating in the process. . .just not as liberally as before.
The Mr. Bento makes some of this easier, especially during the day. I’m packing myself snacks, good ones, fruit and vegetable and protein ones. . .that will hopefully help keep me satisfied. Evenings are my downfall, however. . .I think I get bored and just feel the need to graze, whether or not I’m truly hungry. Food is a mental thing for me. . .comforting, filling some sort of void, perhaps. . .it makes it hard to kick the habit. Sometimes I think quitting smoking was easier than losing weight is for me.
I’m back at the gym in the mornings, thankfully. . .I’ve been able to keep going in spite of my ankle injury (almost fully healed now). . .just need to wait a little while longer before I can start running again.
In other news, I finished my second book of the year last night, completing Marley & Me in less than a day. Yeah, I enjoyed it that much and highly recommend it. . .I’ll be starting a new book most likely tomorrow. It seems like a good way to keep my mind occupied.

I’m off to watch a movie with the man I love.

later days,


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