First weekend of the playoffs.
Skins/Seahawks at 4:30.
Cheese dip cooking away in the mini, football-shaped crockpot.
Christmas lights put away.
Chair returned to the living room (where the tree, then the oven were roosting)
Laundry done (courtesy of moosebraying, he does a mean load or three of laundry)
I don’t know about you but I’m about ready to settle into that couch groove and enjoy some good football.
The new oven rocks. Broiled the buffalo flank steak last night, served it with some french fries.
I’m about to bake some chocolate cupcakes as well.
It’s so pretty and looks so nice in my kitchen, I can’t help but be mesmerized by it.
We’ll be whipping up some mini pizzas for the game later as well.

later days,


2 thoughts on “playoffs?!?

  1. :). It was a christmas gift a few years ago from an aunt and uncle in Tennessee. They know how much we like football. Actually, I really like the size of it for things like cheese dip and meatballs and the like, I’d probably pick up a small crockpot even if I didn’t have this one:).

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